Artwork Now on DeviantArt

I’ve uploaded a number of images from The Thirteenth Hour onto a profile page on Deviant Art, an online gallery.  You can find high resolution images there.  If you just want to see a slidehow of all the pics, click here.

If you’ve never been to Deviant Art before, it’s a great place to find fantasy (and other )art by aspiring artists!  Check out some of these great images below – click the links to find more works by these artists.  “The ruined dragon” by SandraMJ  “Wild Horses” by Mirri  “To space” by Mirri (the character on the right has a hoverboard just like Logan from The Thirteenth Hour!)  “Archer” by brianvade II





-Book Trailer:

-Free itunes podcast of the book:

-Read free excerpts at and the book’s amazon site.

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