“The Thirteenth Hour” Is Finally on iTunes!

Well, it only took forever, and a lot of trial and error, but the reading I did of The Thirteenth Hour  is finally on itunes!

If you’re seeing this for the first time and have no clue what this is all about – well, The Thirteenth Hour is a fantasy book I wrote that’s coming to amazon in a few days.  In the editing process, I read it aloud to catch grammar and spelling errors while audio recording it.  I’m not a voice actor, and there aren’t other actors doing the different roles or a sound effects guy, but hey, that’s for a future project!

There are 15 “episodes,” each about an hour in length.  Start with #1 and progress upwards.  You can find them all here, on this site, in .mp3 format, but itunes may be more convenient for some.  They’re all free, so if you’re curious what this book is about, download a few and see what you think.



Logo for podcast




-Website: 13thhr.wordpress.com

-Art: 13thhr.deviantart.com/gallery

-Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpcIUpwTiFY

-Read free excerpts at https://medium.com/@13thhr/in-the-army-now-852af0d0afc0 and the book’s amazon site.

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