The Thirteenth Hour Theme done!

I was finally able to record the theme to The Thirteenth Hour after first starting to compose it while creating the book trailer.  It took me awhile to be able to play it through without making mistakes, and even so, it took many takes to get it to an acceptable point.  I wanted to make it a bit longer and add an electric guitar part but have stuck to just a synthesizer track for now.  As I mentioned in this post on film influences, there were a lot of 1980s sci-fi/fantasy films brewing in the pot of inspiration that created the book, and the synth soundtrack is my homage to the music of these films.

Nothing too fancy in terms of recording – just the voice recorder on a phone and a old Radio Shack keyboard I had from a number of years ago.

Here’s the stand-alone link again if you want to download it (in .mp3 format):

Stay tuned for the next project – venturing in to music video territory with one of the poems from the book!


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