The Thirteenth Hour Gets a Music Video!

It’s amazing how long it can take to put together a short movie.  The video in said title is technically not even a movie, really, it’s a music video that’s about 4 and a half minutes long.  But, man, did that sucker take a long time to put together!

I started working on it sometime in December and finally finished it yesterday!  Obviously, I didn’t work on it full-time and had a number of other projects and commitments during that time, but still, that’s about five months.  It really does give you a better appreciation for the kind of work it takes to film, say, an independent film or anything else without a large backing in terms of manpower, finances, and resources.

In any event, in The Thirteenth Hour, there’s a poem called “I’ll Fly Away” that the main characters, Logan and Aurora, read at one point.  It’s a wistful poem that introduces the idea of the thirteenth hour (you’ll have to read the book to figure out what that is), so I took the poem, retooled it a bit, and made it into a song sung by the main characters who you can see as little pixelated sprites in the lower left-hand corner of the screen (see below) while the background shows illustrations from the book and dreamy, surreal moving images that tie into the song’s theme.

Logan pianoAurora guitar play animated

Here it is:

ifa1 ifa4ifa3

Logan’s flying animation, originally used in the trailer, makes a return, and I had fun figuring out ways to add some spice to his flying scene.

logan lightning animated


Making a music video is certainly different from recording a song, which I was already familiar with, since the music isn’t just the focus anymore; the eye needs to be kept busy as well.  Nonetheless, I actually learned a lot making this video (in terms of video editing and such) and might make more in the future.

You can find the lyrics and chords to this song, as well as other songs in the growing Thirteenth Hour soundtrack on the audio page.

A big thank you to all who helped by giving their opinions in the draft process!


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