Videos are Now Also on Vimeo

Vimeo, a video sharing site like youtube, tudou, and facebook, to name a few, has a quite a few independent films in its catalog.  So I thought it might be a nice place to add content created for The Thirteenth Hour.  So far, I’ve uploaded the book’s trailer, the music video, and the bow creation video.  They’re already on youtube, but the more the merrier.

They’re available here:

I have some ideas for a promo of A Shadow in the Moonlight which ties in a bow I recently made (the hunter’s bow from the story) – some shots of a hunter cloaked in black aiming his bow at an ethereal deer in a forested background. I don’t have any actors to use, so I may just end up using myself in a homemade costume, but there is magic in Adobe Premiere, me thinks, that may give even potential poo a glimmer of gold.  And I think a little movie (well, more like a 30 second commercial) might be fun to make.  So, when that’s done, I’ll upload it to vimeo as well.  As always, thanks for watching.


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