The Evolution of The Thirteenth Hour in Print

In honor of Indie Pride Day, here’s a picture of the different versions of The Thirteenth Hour.

2015-07-01 11.50.43

The first one, all the way to the left, dates from 1998 and was a self-bound edition that I made by printing out the pages a few at a time on an aging color-inkjet printer, all 212 of them.  I remember wanting a book-sized copy I could flip through and hold in my hands but didn’t expect the process to be so frustrating (the printer kept jamming, smearing ink everywhere, running out of ink, and generally creating a bad-word-inducing mess of a time).  At the time, that was the only option I knew of and the only thought I had towards publishing it.  The middle one, from 2000, I also printed out myself, has a hand sewn binding and is slightly longer at 236 pages.  The pages are formatted a little differently and the font is a bit smaller, so I must have added more material.  And lastly, the final published 2nd edition version courtesy of Createspace, with much smaller font, much more material, and a decade and a half in between, weighing in at 329 pages.

In the near future, I’ll post some more pictures of the older editions.  There’s some material I also edited out so I’ll go back and see if any of it was actually worth saving 🙂

Happy Indie Pride Day, and congrats and well done to all those indie authors out there showcasing published works!


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