Today, I started work on a new picture of Logan from the The Thirteenth Hour flying on Lightning (and doing a backflip while in the air).  I meant to do something like this some time back and even had some very similar mockup animations I created for a The Thirteenth Hour video game I was planning to make (but sadly did not get finished).  This is going back at least ten years, and not surprisingly given how long everything has taken, I’m finally getting to it now 🙂  Not quite done yet – did the hand drawing and coloring today and will do some touching up on the computer.  After sitting sketching, erasing, and coloring much of the day, I must say my shoulders are sore 🙂
2015-09-27 20.16.34  If you’re subscribed to the mailing list (below), you’ll get an advanced copy when it’s done!


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