Parenthood is a funny thing.  Here in the US, you need a license, certification, or training to do most adult things – drive a car, ride a motorcycle, own a dog, have a firearm … but sadly, you need none of that to be a parent, arguably one of the more challenging and patience-trying tasks most people go through.

Over the past year, the majority of my time has been spent caring for my daughter, who was born a year ago this past August.  It’s been a lot of work, but it’s also been fun and satisfying in a way my other jobs can’t really hold a candle to.  I wanted to make my daughter something special for this Christmas, so I figured – why not a book?  Obviously, she can’t read, but we can read to her, and it’s never too early to reinforce the message we cherish her for who she is.

That’s how the little poem/book Your Star Will Glow Forever was born.  As I have written in the description on Amazon, it’s a picture book that uses modified pictures from The Thirteenth Hour and is about stars, hope, and the love parents have for their children.

It won’t be out officially until the spring of 2016, but here are some preliminary images:

Untitled Untitled2 star glow 1 star glow 2 star glow 4 Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!


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