Episode #31: Special Edition – Redux from WNRI Author’s Hour Radio Show Interview from 2/16/16


-Today’s episode is a recording of an interview I did with WNRI radio host Wayne Barber about a month ago on his show, The Author’s Hour.  He was kind enough to read The Thirteenth Hour before the interview, and it’s always fun to hear other folks’ points of view.  There were a number of callers with questions as well, some specific, some general.  Overall, a fun time, so if you didn’t catch the interview on the radio or livestream a month ago, you can hear it now.

-In other news, there’s currently an Amazon giveaway for the picture book I originally wrote for my daughter, Your Star Will Glow Forever. Just click on the link above to go to it.  It’s free, no purchase needed, and it’ll go on until 3/22, 11:59 PDT.

-Next week, we have another live guest – fantasy author Joshua Robertson!

As always, thanks for listening!



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