Searching For Forever:

Since The Thirteenth Hour was a book inspired by 80s fantasy movies, I thought it needed its own ending theme to pay homage to the kinds of songs that always tended to play over the ending credits, often done by bands like Survivor and such.  You can check out the soundtrack page on instagram, this post, or the accompanying podcast on musical influences for the book (mostly new wave 80s synth stuff), but I was going for a song that had vague references to lyrics I recalled from songs from this genre plus the requisite synthesizers and electric guitars.

There are some references to the storyline itself (e.g. “searching for forever,” referring to Logan’s quest to find the secret to eternal life; “riding on a rainbow,” referring to Lightning’s trail of rainbow colored exhaust; and “aurora borealis,” a reference to the aurora Logan and Aurora see at the end of the book – which is an aurora australis, technically, but I took some artistic liberties with the lyrics since the syllables of borealis fit better in the song.)

I also wanted to make it a happy song, so the rhythm is fairly quick (about 125 beats/min).  You can listen to it above on on the main soundtrack page on bandcamp, where you can download a high quality mp3 for the backing track and the full version with vocals.



C Am F G



Verse 1


Look into my eyes


Can’t believe I found you


We’ll find our way together

             F          G

In this crazy world


Verse 2

Fly into tomorrow

Riding on a rainbow

The future is ours

So hold on tight



F                        G

Searching for forever

C                             Am

Who could have known 

F                          G

Searching for forever

C                      Am  F   G

I’d find it with you …


Verse 3

Look how far we’ve come now

Shoreline under night skies

Aurora borealis

Will guide us home


Verse 4

We’ll find our place yet

Dreaming is believing

We only need each other

So don’t let go



Instrumental solo

Chorus x 2

 © 2016 Joshua Blum

I just finished this accompanying image to go with the song – watch it being created here!

Logan & Aurora Searching For Forever Final Big.jpg

As always, thanks for listening!


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