The Imperial Ranger March:

The marching music of the Imperial Rangers, the special unit of soldiers from The Thirteenth Hour.  Logan, the main character, is chosen to be among their lofty ranks, though he feels entirely out of place and incompetent most of the time.

It’s a pretty simple melody, played in the key of C, and there are no lyrics, so ready for some interpretative bull caca?   Here goes:

… the deep, rhythmic, ominous bass line represents inevitable conformity needed to subsist in a hierarchical organization like the Imperial Rangers, responsible for carrying out a narcissistic King’s irrational demands.  Its pulsing thrum contrasts with the much softer flute melody, which still features prominently enough to be clearly heard amid the noise of societal influence.  The melody stands alone but marches to its own tune, representing Logan attempting to find his way in an unfriendly world, echoing the conflict between individual rights and those of a nation with the power to conscript citizens and demand sacrifice in the name of patriotism.  In the end, Logan finally comes to terms with these struggles and, in so doing, becomes his own man, signified by the trumpets sounding over the last stanza …

I learned how to write this kind of shite in college.

You can find the track in high fidelity here along with the other tracks in the growing soundtrack. Go to @the13thhr.ost for more updates and info on soundtrack influences.

imperial rangers

The Imperial Rangers in 8 bit form for the unfinished The Thirteenth Hour game (Logan is at the far left, trailing behind).


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