The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #76: Reflections on Rewatching Krull

Episode #76: Rewatching the Film Krull

After recently finding the comic book adaptation of the early 80s movie Krull, I decided to rewatch it.  My reflections are in this week’s show, so here a few pages of the Marvel comic: 

The band of heroes in our story square off against the Slayers.

There are a number of cool things that this film introduces … that unfortunately get too little screen time, like the fact that the princess can generate fire in her hand:

It comes back towards the end of the film:

This is when the hero finds his cool five bladed boomerang/shuriken:

Unfortunately this is about all the screen time it gets.  The comic condenses it.

Enter Rell the cyclops and Ergo the Magnificent, the bumbling wizard.

Remember these shows?

One of the cool things about reading old comic books is looking at the old ads, these these:


I remember this ad and thinking this game looking like the bees’ knees (even though I’m sure the graphics were horrendous).
Happy New Year, and thanks for listening!


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