Episode #79: Storytime Reading of Firebird and Taijutsu Shoveling 


Since this week’s episode takes place in Russia, where snow is not uncommon, part of it was recorded outside, where there was a lot of snow.  Since I had my daughter strapped to my back, I could adopt my usual hamfisted approach to shoveling snow (which, to be fair, is a whole body workout).  So instead, I decided to try of a variant of the ninja sweeping method I talked about a few weeks ago.  I’m calling it ninja snow shoveling:

You basically just shift your hips forward and back to load up some snow (steps 2 and 3).  To dump it (step 4), you lean forward, quickly shoot out the shovel like a pool cue while giving it a simultaneous turn so the snow flops over onto the ground (or wherever you want to put it).  There’s some arm action, but not much, and your back and shoulders stay pretty much neutral.  Result? A ton easier!

Anyway, that doesn’t much to do with today’s episodes, which is a version of the folktale, The Firebird.  However, back in episode 61, I talked about the video game The Last Express, which has the tale of The Firebird woven into its plot.


This is a children’s book version of the ballet version.

As always, thanks for listening!


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