Episode #83: How to Throw Business Cards


Today, we’re talking about throwing business cards, a companion to last week’s episode on throwing playing cards.   Throwing business cards, which are lighter and more rectangular, are more challenging.  There are some tips in this episode.

2017-03-05 10.14.46

You can use the same hand position as for throwing playing cards, like we talked about last week.

2017-03-05 10.14.53

The power all comes from the wrist curl and release to make the card spin.  It’s just harder to achieve that given their shape and weight.

2017-03-05 10.15.04

A more unorthodox way to throw business cards involves folding them in half.  Even if the corners are bend down to secure it, they are much easier to throw since all side are symmetrical.

2017-03-05 10.15.10

It’s like throwing a shuriken (almost).

If you’d like a systematic, self contained kit to learn how to throw cards, check out the handmade Thirteenth Hour throwing card kit!  Available on ebay here!

As always, thanks for listening!


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