Episode #90:  Forgotten Realms “Dark Mirror” by R.A. Salvatore Part 2 of 2


Today’s episode continues where we left off last week (in the reading of “Dark Mirror” by R.A Salvatore from the anthology Realms of Valor) as Drizzt, the dark elf, and his magic panther with the unpronounceable name continue their travails to free a band of prisoners from some bad, bad creatures.

So, like last week, listen along as I continue to butcher the names left and right and try to avoid putting in running commentary when I don’t understand something.  But, the great thing about this story is that although it starts off simple enough, like a traditional fantasy story with the bad guys (orcs) and the good guys (human farmers), it becomes less and less clear as the tale progress who the good and bad creatures actually are.  I feel like if I had read more of this breed of fantasy story when I was a kid, I might have had a better time with the genre in general.  Oh well.

Apologies for the audio quality on this episode.  I had a lot of trouble recording for some reason.  The only way to get rid of the weird buzzing in the background was to try to clean up the audio enough it softens parts a bit too much.

I finally found the artist, Todd Lockwood, who did the great picture, entitled “Orc King,” from last week’s show notes.  Click on the full picture below to go to his website:

The first page of the story had this title illustration by Ned Dameron, which makes a little more sense this week than it did last week.  He did a number of illustrations for the Dark Tower books if that name rings a bell.

As always, thanks for listening!


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