Episode #143: A Conversation with Synthwave Artist Starfarer



This week, synthwave musician Miguel Iniguez, a.k.a. Starfarer, joins me on the show for a conversation all about music, the creative process, his influences, and his self-titled debut album (which reminded me of the soundtrack to a dark and fast space shoot’em up, like Gradius for the SNES:
Image result for gradius snes

Speaking of influences, the excerpt of the instrumental piece right before the interview called Crack of Doom was influenced by the Terminator theme.  As you might imagine, Starfarer has an 80s sci-fi feel … so count down with me as we initiate the launch sequence.  5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1.  Engage!

Click on the coverart below to listen on Bandcamp:

Here are other places online where you can find more information:




Spotify – help Miguel out and listen here (each time you listen, he earns something!)

Next week, stay tuned for more retro 80s, but this time, in action figure form – Adam from the Instragram account mom_gave_them_away joins us for a multi-part interview.  Stay tuned!


Between Two Worlds, the synth EP follow up to Long Ago Not So Far Away is now out for streaming on Bandcamp.  

The bonus track, called “Flight of the Cloudrider” has a 80s movie mashup music video (see if you can identify all the movies!) which is available on youtube.   This app was largely created with the iphone app Auxy.

between 2 worlds EP cover 2

Stay tuned.  Follow along on Spotify!  There is also a growing extended Thirteenth Hour playlist on Spotify with a growing number of retro 80s songs.

Check it out!

As always, thanks for listening!


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