Episode #250 and Like a Hood Ornament 10 – Welcome Jim O’Kane and Hal Bryan of The Rocketeer Minute! (Part 2/2)


On this week’s show, I had the opportunity to continue the discussion with Jim and Hal from the Rocketeer Minute podcast, which if you never heard of the Movies by Minute podcast movement (I hadn’t until stumbling upon their show), it’s where people dissect a movie, generally one minute at a time.  Check out episode 249 for the first part of the conversation.

In the intro, I’m reading from a book I spent hours flipping through as a kid, The Smithsonian Book of Flight by Walter Boyne.

I always enjoyed the first third of the book since it was devoted to the pioneering and golden ages of aviation, that time when a garage tinker could put something together that – even if it might not ultimately fly – the dream was there, and it seemed attainable. So I’m reading from the introduction of the book on the Experimental Aircraft Association (at least, the 1987 iteration of the organization), Hal’s employer, since we’ll talked a bit about them last time and will be again at the end of the episode but also because making the goal of aviation attainable for everyday people captures the kind of hopeful spirit for a better tomorrow that The Rocketeer inspires.

The first aviation meet from 1910 …

To the yearly EAA gathering …

The barnstorming photo my daughter was commenting on at the start of the episode …

The “E” in EAA stands for experimental!  Back to the roots of aviation.

We then continue talking about the idea of what makes for a rewatchable film. That was my regular pattern for a number of years as a kid (getting up early on Sundays, usually, to rewatch movies I’d already seen). Most of those films ended up being ones I’ve talked about in some fashion on this website or on the show, ones like Labyrinth, Real Genius, Karate Kid 3 (the only one I had), Some Kind of Wonderful, The Last Starfighter, and, of course, The Rocketeer).

If you enjoyed The Rocketeer, you may enjoy these films:

Zone Troopers (also written by Paul DeMeo and Danny Bilson)

Out There (also starring Bill Campbell, playing the same kind of earnest, down on his luck character to Cliff)

The Brylcreem Boys (also starring Bill Campbell, playing the a downed flier similar to the sort of character you’d expect Cliff to be had he enlisted in WW2).

Captain America: The First Avenger also directed by Joe Johnston)


It was great to connect with Jim (of TVDads.com) and Hal (of the EAA) to discuss the making of their show.  Here’s how to find out about their show and/or connect with them.


The Rocketeer Minute Bulldog Cafe

The Final Mission by Chris Henry and Hal Bryan.  From the EAA product page: “This book tells the powerful and personal stories of some of the people who have stepped back in time by taking a flight on the Experimental Aircraft Association’s restored B-17 bomber, Aluminum Overcast.”  Just got mine and am looking forward to reading it!



This little animated .gif is, of course, from the point in the movie where the Rocketeer, not above a little self conscious vanity, asks how he looks.  Peevy, not above a little blunt honesty, says “Like a hood ornament!”  The Rocketeer blasts off for the first time, Peevy gets blown backwards into the hangar, and I get a name for this part of the podcast!

Stay tuned for more Rocketeer talk next week!  Stay safe!




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empty hands ep cover_edited-2.jpg

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As always, thanks for listening!


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