The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #328: Welcome My Brother, Jeremy, as We Talk About DnD and Red Sonja (1985)

This week, my brother, Jeremy, rejoins the show to talk about movie we watched a fair amount as a kid, 1985’s Red Sonja.  Neither of us had seen it in decades and we honestly weren’t expecting much, but I asked Jeremy if he’d want to join me in rewatching it given all the experience he’s had the last few years with tabletop role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.  From what I had recalled, it seemed like an example of those games in live action, and I was curious to see what he thought.  Suffice to say, Jeremy did a deep dive and more than delivered, which you can hear if you check out the episode.  I had always operated under the assumption that 1986’s Howard the Duck was the first real Marvel comic book movie, but you could make a case for Red Sonja, which was under license by Marvel at the time, though there’s no mention of it in the credits from what I recall.   Click on the picture below to watch:


If watching the whole film is not your bag, check out this 8 min compilation of some great lines plus the trailer.  You’ll get the basic gist of the film and perhaps learn a thing or two, like why it’s important to not grip your hilt too tight (important life skill courtesy of Red Sonja that is generalizable beyond sword play, though I’m not exactly sure how).

Check out Jeremy‘s work over at Pixel Grotto,, and Classic Batman Panels on IG.  You can support his work on Ko-fi and get access to in-depth, exclusive Batman content here.   If you are of the DnD persuasion, his articles on DnD Beyond may be right up your alley.




In toymaking news, I’ve been working on all these Beverlys!  There is also a connection to our 1985 film above.  A year after, we would, of course, see the film version of Beverly Switzler, another lead heroine, but one of a considerably less violent nature, the one depicted in the figurine above.  Her costume in the film was equally impractical as Red Sonja’s but a lot less revealing than that of Red Sonja’s.  There’s another connection, though.  The very first issue of Howard the Duck featured a vaguely Red Sonja like character (it’s Beverly, though it’s presented kind of as a dream) in a parody of a Conan / DnD story.  There’s even an appearance of everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood webslinger for some off-the-wall reason (the original comics were pretty bonkers).





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As always, thanks for listening!


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