NEW! (as of 1/6/16)
The Thirteenth Hour Blog now has an eBay page – why?  Because who doesn’t like a bargain?
Buying direct allows you to get signed, in-print copies of the books below at discount prices since shipping is free.  It’s the same service you’d receive if you bought your books in-person at a convention, minus the entry fee!  WIN!  Plus, I’ll throw in some bonus surprise swag to keep things interesting.  It might be a handmade bookmark, a magnet, a new picture, Thirteenth Hour chewing gum … the possibilities are almost endless!
I’m able to do that since I can get print copies of my books direct from the manufacturer at cheaper prices.  In addition, I can offer a limited number of signed out-of-print previous editions of books at bargain basement prices!  I’m not really doing this for money, so making more dinero isn’t the main goal for me.   Finding ways to get books into the hands of people who want to read them is.
So check out the growing catalog of items for sale!  (eBay items are also linked below in eBay logo colored text)

Books in The Thirteenth Hour Universe:


logan flip clouds black cover 6x9

print version (336 pg)

Full color signed print edition

Dropcards digital package (.mobi, .pdf, & .epub included)

Shadow in the Moonlight cover new 4 6x9 ebook
print version (50 pg)

signed print edition

Falling Leaves Don't Weep cover2_edited-1


star glow cover 6x9 front

print edition (24 pg)


Thanks for your interest!