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Pixelart Logan and Lightning by @pixelgrotto, 3/11/16


Animated Logan gif by @pixelgrotto, 10/23/16



Logan and Aurora using reworked Legend of Kyrandia sprite, done by @pixelgrotto, 10/23/16


Logan and Aurora on a Legend of Kyrandia background, complete with a menu bar with items from the book, like the scroll and the trident!  Done by @pixelgrotto, 10/23/16.



Logan and Aurora made in the style of a 16 bit Japanese RPG using reworked sprite from the game Terrangima, done by @pixelgrotto, 1/15/17


The game apparently has a 13 digit clock!  @pixelgrotto made this character sheet complete with a little infinity sign.


These a composite shots made from the figures my brother and I painted of Logan and Aurora walking into the forest – shot by @pixelgrotto, 1/6/17.


Logan and Aurora from book 1 made using the Hero Forge online miniature creation software, done by @pixelgrotto, 1/15/17.