Remember those little plastic cereal box prizes you could find in, well, cereal boxes?  (It always seemed that the junkier the cereal, the better the toy they had inside.)

Or what about those little figures or pencil toppers you’d get inside gumball machines for 25 cents?

From that honorable pedigree, I’m pleased to present Thirteenth Hour toys!  Available though ThirteenthHourStudio on Etsy, they’re about the size of the toys that you’d have gotten in one of the above, though as hand-casted, hand-finished resin figures (not mass produced or 3-D printed), each is not only one of a kind, but basically a miniature statue. Each figure comes with a full color, double sided bio card, a “Magic Motion” lenticular 3D pixelart animated card, and a theme song.  Free shipping within the domestic US!

Logan – the main character of The Thirteenth Hour and the story’s main narrator.  Click here to buy.

Aurora – the female lead of The Thirteenth Hour, who also narrates part of the story.  Click here to buy.