Game Ideas

Rocketeer Pixelart Game – Title Pending

In July of 2022, I discovered the game making software called GDevelop5, which has a graphical interface much like the Klik ‘N Play and Games Factory programs my brother and I used as kids.  It is a free to use platform, and there are plenty of handy tutorials available on Youtube, something that did not exist when we were doing this decades ago.  In order to make the game, I decided to create a small (probably one level) game with one of my favorite characters (and a big influence for The Thirteenth Hour), the Rocketeer.  I wrote a short story as the background (which featured in the conversation with the Rocketeer from the 1991 film, Billy Campbell) and so far, have been working on animations, sprites, and level design.


Been working on a little, one-level #pixelart #Rocketeer game while learning how to use the #videogamemaking program #GDevelop 5. The controls are just about done! #indiegamedevelopers #indiegametok

♬ Rocketeer To The Rescue: End Credits from The Rocketeer – Dan Redfeld

Are you a game designer or pixel artist looking to put your talents to work?

If so, read on!

I originally envisioned The Thirteenth Hour as an 8 bit-style side-scrolling RPG video game, so it’s no surprise I eventually tried to make such a game myself.  There’s more written about that here, but I think it’d be more realistic to  attempt something along the lines of this in the future.  If interested, let’s talk!

In particular, seeking to commission artists interested in drawing/animating the following:

-sea serpents


-beaches and rocky coastlines

-rocky outcroppings (think Thailand)

-night sky


-daytime sky