(Old) News

12/14/14 – Added picture gallery featuring pictures from the book.

12/14/14 – Added lyrics with chords for two songs written for the book.

12/16/14 – Added “How The Thirteenth Hour Began.”

12/16/14 – Added “Writing the Main Characters.”

12/19/14 – Have been hard at work on the trailer for The Thirteenth Hour.  Almost done with a draft; just finishing up the 80s style synth soundtrack!

12/20/14 – The book trailer for The Thirteenth Hour is finally done!  See it at book trailer or from the About page here.

12/24/14 – The Thirteenth Hour has been submitted to Amazon for publishing!  It is now available for pre-purchase and will be officially released January 2015 on … wait for it … the 13th.  There is a song quote I added from the 80s synth song, “Forever Young,” though I only have permission to include it in the US.  Trying to figure out what to do about that for international editions.  That and how to add sample chapters.  I guess these are, in retrospect, kind of high quality problems to have 🙂

12/25/14 – Merry Christmas!  Finally figured out how to make a RSS feed (I mean, really, I still don’t really understand what this is … but thanks to the power of the internets, even someone who has absolutely no clue can do it, albeit, in my case, with the efficiency of a chimp trying to type out Shakespeare with his feet).  Even managed to figure out how to upload the audio files I’d recorded onto itunes thanks to this video.  Just waiting for approval from itunes.  This is becoming much more legit, much less ghetto, than I ever expected.

1/6/15 – There have been many changes since the new year! There are now companion sites on tumblr and deviantart as well as functioning podcast links for all 15 podcast episodes so you can play them directly off the posts. Finally think I figured out how to do the whole iTunes podcast thing (again) after many failed attempts and am waiting for approval (for the second time). Still trying to work out a copyright issue for outside the U.S.

1/10/15 – In the posts section, have been adding a multi-part exploration into media influences for The Thirteenth Hour.

1/12/15 – Tomorrow is the big day!  The Thirteenth Hour will be officially released on amazon.com for the Kindle.  There is a print version close on its heels which should be linked with the amazon page in a few days.

1/13/15 – The book is officially out!  Also made some promotional materials on Vistaprint to advertise the book in local venues.

1/14/15 – There is now a Twitter account for the book, and an excerpt was published on the site Medium.  The print and ebook versions on amazon are now officially accessible from the same page on amazon.

1/15/15 – posted The Thirteenth Hour full theme.

2/2015 – Multiple changes to the site, including a number of new posts.  Becoming more active on Twitter.  Started editing process for The Thirteenth Hour, 2nd edition.

3/3/15 – 2nd edition print version of The Thirteenth Hour now live.

3/4/15 – 2nd edition Kindle version of The Thirteenth Hour now available for updating in “Manage your Kindle” on Amazon.  Now a mailing list accessible from this site.  Took me forever to figure out how to do this!

3/20/15 – Two short stories in the Thirteenth Hour world have now been published and are available as ebooks, with a print version of “A Shadow in the Moonlight” coming soon.  The landing page of the website has been changed to reflect that 2 additional stories.

12/1/15 – Keep forgetting to update this page … however, many exciting things coming in the next few weeks – months.  The Thirteenth Hour will be getting a 3rd edition, officially coming 1/13/16 for its 1 year birthday.  A new picture book for children will be officially out a few months after.  A podcast will also be returning soon!  Details TBA.

3/26/16 – I’m just keeping this page around for historical reasons, so for for more updates, just look in the Posts section, ask to be added to the mailing list, or check out the links to social media on the Home page.

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