One of the great things about independent publishing is the ease at which updates can be made, just like updates for apps or patches for software.  It also means that you, Dear Reader, can be intimately involved in the creation of future work as well as modification of existing books in a way that was not possible before.  The purpose of this page is to give you a space to add suggestions, comments, or corrections.  Feel free to leave a message below.

*Note: for areas you feel should be corrected, please include the following information:

-Title of book

-ebook or print edition (if reading an ebook, please include the hardware used, e.g. Kindle, phone, etc,since formatting on different devices can vary depending on screen size.)

-location number or page number,

-the line or paragraph with the error.

(Even though we’re on edition 2 – and soon to be edition 3! – if you’re reading a first edition, feel free to comment here as well.  I’d still be curious to hear what you have to say!)

2 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. LENA’S HOLIDAY, if you appreciated SAMURAI COWBOY, you might also like a previous effort by the writer/director Michael Keusch – that’s me here. cheers.


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