The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #396: A Shadow in the Moonlight Interlude – Different Archery Styles

The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #396: A Shadow in the Moonlight Interlude – Different Archery Styles

This week, I’m following up on the last few weeks’ episodes centered on the hunter from The Thirteenth Hour prequel, A Shadow in the Moonlight (read it free in the US!).

Shadow in the Moonlight cover new 500x750


But this week, instead of figures (which we will come back to in an episode or two), we are going to talk about archery.  At the time when I published this little novel, I was in the process of rediscovering archery.  I had been working on instinctive shooting (no sights) for some time as well as learning to make my own bows out of PVC pipe.  (You can actually find a post from 2016 – episode 33! – about some of the bows I was making around this time of rediscovery of traditional Western archery.) 


Some years after that, I got interested in the drawing style used in many parts of Asia – using the thumb and a protective ring or piece of leather over it (see picture) – since I was researching it for a Thirteenth Hour sequel and I also genuinely wanted to learn it.  It is my preferred way of shooting now, and I discuss these things on this week’s show while shooting a few arrows.

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The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #18: Comic Books and Illustrations

Episode #18: Comic Books and Illustrations

This post refers to the comic books (Bone, Archie) referred to in this post:

The old (more comicky) and new (more ?anime-ish) covers to the novelette prequel to The Thirteenth Hour, A Shadow in the Moonlight are as discussed in this episode are here for comparison:

Dave Stevens, the creator of the comic book hero, The Rocketeer, is discussed here, especially his art style and the storytelling influence on the creation of The Thirteenth Hour.


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The Thirteenth Hour is a new adult fantasy tale heavily inspired by 80s fantasy film and books such as The Neverending Story and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It has a good sense of both humor and adventure, some of which is depicted in over 35 hand-drawn illustrations.

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