The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #295 and Like a Hood Ornament #23: Watching The Rocketeer Cartoon Episode 4 with Show Writer’s Assistant Dan Salgarolo

The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #295 and Like a Hood Ornament #23: Watching The Rocketeer Cartoon Episode 4 with Show Writer’s Assistant Dan Salgarolo

This week, we’re continuing to go through episodes of The Rocketeer cartoon, one at a time, this time with Episode 4.  This episode is actually available for free on Youtube so even if you don’t have access to the full season, you can watch this one in full and follow along in real time as we watch it. 

Some pictures from the episode:

Assistant Writer (a.k.a script coordinator) Dan Salgarolo joins today to talk about some behind the scenes insights into the creation of the show, the music, the animation, and much more. For example, on the “Songbird” episode above, Dan shared some insights into how studio execs thought it might be too complex of a story for young child to understand, and yes, though it does deal with some adult emotions (daredevil flier has a traumatic experience in the air, gets saved by the Rocketeer, but loses her nerve and doesn’t fly again until Kit and Tesh wheedle (i.e. bribe with pie) their way into her life.)  I don’t think that kind of story is too complicated for kids to understand, since childhood is an array of dealing with things you don’t understand, are too complex for you to do, or that might scare you, but I get their concern about the part where May Songbird falls out of the sky.  The upside is that we get to see a return of Cliff Secord!  (The character animation in this episode and the first episode are the first time Cliff returns to the screen in almost 30 years).   If you ever had any desire to be part of the writing department on a TV show or a movie, tune in to see what day to day operations look like.  We also get to talk about the process of writing and what happens as ideas go from conception to their final forms.  Thanks so much, Dan, for joining the show and look forward to talking to you again for a future episode!

If it weren’t for hopeful films like The Rocketeer, there probably wouldn’t a Thirteenth Hour, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog.  In the pixelart patch below of Logan from The Thirteenth Hour flying off into the sunset, you might be able to spot some of those influences – the silver flying machine, the cloudscape, the sun setting on another day signifying a hope for a better tomorrow.  The patches come with a high quality mp3 download from Once Upon a Dream, the next Thirteenth Hour soundtrack LP.


In the meantime, you may be interested in a few select Rocketeer related episodes :

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If the past few months have got you needing a break, you may want to chill out to this 80s synth throwback track for a upcoming LP with the accompanying music video:

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