The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #19: Video Game Influences

Episode #19: Video Games that Influenced The Thirteenth Hour

This episode refers to video games (Ultima V, Ironsword) discussed in this post:

Check out this cover art for Ultima V!

Unfortunately, the inside of the game looked like this:

But there’s a remake/mod for Dungeon’s Seige

Gauntlet, also featured on this episode, at least the 1985 PC version, has an entry on wikipedia.

Gameplay and picture above courtesy of  I’ve included links on for the games below:

Incidentally, my brother wrote about Quest for Glory in his blog, as well as many of the games of that era, here.  (His experience playing games was much different from mine – more positive).  He also followed that post up with discussion of fan-made remakes of QFG, Quest for Infamy and Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok.

We have recently been playing the game Magicka, which has a similar sense of humor to some of the above games, as well as The Thirteenth Hour.

As always, thanks for listening!


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