The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #367: Custom Action Figure Updates, Final Faction, and Rocketeer Video Game Updates

The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #367: Custom Action Figure Updates, Final Faction, and Rocketeer Video Game Updates


This week, I talk a bit about a few concurrent projects such as making 3.75 inch Rocketeer figures from a 3.75″ Iron Man toy as well as the Rocketeer video game I’ve been working on.


The Rocketeer prototype so far with the mold for the pack as well as one of the resin casted packs and the helmet (ironically, the same size helmet that I used for the Lego Rocketeer minifigures).


I did successfully get a separate stock figure cracked open and will be sculpting some clay over these parts to look like the prototype to allow for making a resin copy.


Looking forward to painting this guy and adding some details.  Speaking of painting …


I’ve been repainting The Thirteenth Hour figures (even parts that didn’t need to be painted) to reflect a simplified color scheme with more bold, primary colors.  Also reworked Logan’s arms to hopefully fit better and be more stable.


I recently went to a Dollar Tree and found the Final Faction line of toys – only $1.25 each!  It’s a surprisingly good value for the price.  There are accessories, comics, and apparently, even a cartoon show.  They may be good bases for making future Thirteenth Hour figures if I can get them apart (which I think should be easier than something like the Iron Man figure since there are screws in the back).


This is the first issue of the comic …


Someone writing it clearly had a sense of humor having a back page like this … 


Just like in GI Joe, the back of the packing has a short bio and some stats.  There’s also a QR code for the cartoon!

german soldier

Progress of the Rocketeer game …  Did a bunch of pixel art and story creation this week, adding to aspects of the world of the game, like this NPC enemy, a German foot soldier.


I finally figured out flying and shooting straight and added some backgrounds.  There is now a full fledged short story behind the game as well.


More coming soon!  Will get back to reading Dragon Fall next week.

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The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #363: Starting to Make Video Games Again!

The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #363: Starting to Make Video Games Again!

This week, I talk a bit about two upcoming projects – starting to make video games again after a few decades of not doing it!  Though I’ve used a number of the animations and sprites I made in various things, most recently the music video of Logan using the music Jeff Finley and I made, for the most part most of the work I did making games using engines like Klik ‘N Play and The Games Factory sat mostly unused all these years.  But every now and then, I’d take a look at the games making software out there, since the dream of making a Thirteenth Hour game in some capacity has never really gone away.  Fast forward to now, and I discovered a freeware games making program called GDevelop, which seems to have the abilities of the programs I used before with more user-friendliness.   So, I decided to learn how to use the program by making a simple, one level game of the Rocketeer where he runs, shoots, and flies to escape from a facility where he’s (almost) been taken captive.  Turns out, I’ve been able to reuse some of the animations I did in the past, which has saved a lot of work of creating everything from scratch.

rocketeer idlerocketeer run

So, more updates to come as I learn the program and advance the game!  

Speaking of games, the second project I’m working on is learning more about becoming a DM to be able to host DnD games set in the Thirteenth Hour universe for Patreon members.  So far, I’m looking at modifying some of the existing systems out there to fit the world and the ideas I have.  So stay tuned!

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