The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #253: Welcome Back AC to Discuss Pretty in Pink! (John Hughes Part 1/2)

Episode #253: Welcome Back AC to Discuss Pretty in Pink! (John Hughes Part 1/2)

On this week’s show, Adam from AC Toy Design comes back on the show for a two-parter to discuss two films John Hughes wrote, Pretty in Pink and Weird Science.

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We’ll be focused on Pretty in Pink today.  It’s the precursor to Some Kind of Wonderful (see episode 154; which reversed the roles), also directed by Howard Deutch.  These movies, as do all the John Hughes films, do such a great job at getting into the mind of the adolescent.  And while that world may not always make sense to the mind of adults, these films tap into the tumult of being caught between child and adult quite well.  The parents pictured in the film are rarely present and often clueless.  Even Andy’s father, in Pretty in Pink, in a warm-hearted role done so well by Harry Dean Stanton, is so caught up in the loss of his wife, who left the family, that he is living in a world all his own.  It’s good to remember at time when, like the characters of this film,  current, real-life high school seniors are preparing to enter the working world or go to whatever college will look like in the fall.  Some of those students may have had parents who saw these films and were just as internally conflicted about what they wanted and disgusted by what they saw in the complacency and/or cluelessness of older generations as their children, like the characters in these films, do today.

One aspect of these John Hughes films that also unites them is such great music.  It’s one of the main reasons why I knew that The Thirteenth Hour, which was influenced by the JOhn HUghes films, needed to have a soundtrack of its own that evoked similar new wave vibes of wistful longing.  Pretty in Pink does not disappoint in the music department.  In fact, OMD’s “If You Leave” plays in its entirely during the final scene!  Check out the clips below from the music video from the time as well as an updated performance 30 years later:

Look for more John Hughes next week!




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