The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #388: Mega Contrux Custom DnD Thirteenth Hour Figures

The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #388: Mega Contrux Custom DnD Thirteenth Hour Figures

This week, I’m discussing a discovery I made awhile back when considering how to showcase figures in The Thirteenth Hour DnD style campaigns we have been doing over on the Patreon via Discord.  (I typically have a second camera set up to show an overhead view of the figures – so far, just during battles – this is an ongoing work in progress.)  I thought it would be fun to include some miniatures but wasn’t sure how to find ones that would fit. Plus, I wanted them to be able to hold things in their hands and be somewhat customizable.   Enter Mega Contrux minifigures.

Mega Bloks are a long time competitor of Lego that originally started as large scale bricks for young children, though just like Lego, they now have a number of highly complex, licensed properties more appropriate for the fingers and brains of older kids (and adults).   Mega also has much more detailed, articulated, and realistically proportioned minifigures, and those are the ones I used for making The Thirteenth Hour minifigures.  I started with a figure from their Assassin’s Creed line (I’m not sure who this guy is, but his costume has a number of similarities to the Imperial Ranger uniform – a tunic with large shoulders, grey pants, a hood, and a midsection piece that can be modified to make the triangular belt they wear).


Just like Lego minifigures, the Mega ones break apart for easy customization.  


This skirt can be flipped around to make belts when painted.


From left to right – Aron, Blake, Lance, and Wander the wizard.


Wander was made very quickly with the same base figure with a tunic and wizard’s hat made of the same material.  Added a bit of epoxy clay for hair and a beard.  As you can see, there is a Lego baseplate in the background which I have used for positioning the figures during the game.  One of the advantages of using these kinds of figures is that they have holes in their feet, making them easy to position.  Mega figures also can use the full range of Lego hand held accessories (of which there are many), which makes it nice to customize them.

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