The Thirteenth Hour Podast #65: Morgan and Yew – a Serendipity Book Read Aloud

Episode #65: Reading of Morgan and Yew

Back in the 70s and 80s, there were a ton of these little softcover books published by author and artist team Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James.  They were short illustrated books intended to be read to children featuring animals in a fantasy setting and a little moral at the end.  They were, in a sense, short fairy tales.

One of the nice things, I always thought, were the beautiful illustrations accompanying each page done by Robin James.  I’m sure they provided inspiration to many a young artist.

Interestingly enough, these books were an early successful foray in self publishing.  Apparently, the author, Stephen Cosgrave, initially couldn’t get anyone to publish his books so he decided to take the process on himself.  I can imagine that must have quite an undertaking at the time, since even today, it is expensive to get books printed in color while keeping the price point at something reasonable a parent will be willing to spend.  Good for him for sticking with it long enough for it to take off.

In any event, this is a particularly cute one I read with my daughter about the unlikely friendship between a unicorn and a sheep.


Here are some pictures from the book:


As always, thanks for listening!


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