The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #387: Packaging for Upcoming Toy Projects!

The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #386: Packaging for Upcoming Toy Projects!

This week, I’m discussing packing for some of the upcoming toy projects I have been working on – 3.75″ Rocketeer action figures, the similarly sized Thirteenth Hour figures, and the Thirteenth Hour magnet dolls (the later two are basically part if the same project – the upcoming Once Upon a Dream LP launch.   Each of these creative projects require some way to contain their respective parts, necessitating some kind of box with decorative coverart.  While I can’t say it’s my favorite part of the whole process, I do think the packaging is of similar importance to the piece of art itself – the package is for protection, foremost, and makes it easier to ship, but it is also an accessory in its own right.  It adds to the overall experience of the toy since it may add context, additional information or other pieces to collect, and a place to house the figure when it’s not being used.   

Here are some visuals to go along with the audio.  




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