Two New Thirteenth Hour Stories Are Now Out!

As mentioned in this post, I’ve been working on two stories to round out the universe of The Thirteenth Hour.  They’re done, and you can download them on 3/20/15 (which might be now, depending on when you read this).

Although they’re available on and there will be a print version of the novelette, “A Shadow in the Moonlight,” you can also download them on Smashwords.  They’re free there, since I wanted to give people who bought copies of The Thirteenth Hour when it first came out a token of my appreciation.

-“A Shadow in the Moonlight: A Thirteenth Hour Prequel” (~11,000 words):

-“Falling Leaves Don’t Weep: A Thirteenth Hour Epilogue” (~2,000 words):

Thanks to everyone who helped to make these stories a reality!

shortstory covers