The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #294 and Like a Hood Ornament #22: Watching The Rocketeer Cartoon Episode 3 with Production Coordinator Esther Gonzalez Murray

The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #294 and Like a Hood Ornament #22: Watching The Rocketeer Cartoon Episode 3 with Production Coordinator Esther Gonzalez Murray

This week, we’re continuing to go through episodes of The Rocketeer cartoon, one at a time, this time with Episode 3.  As before, you can follow along in real time.  This is my son’s favorite episode!  The Rocketeer’s best friend, Tesh, gets a gear upgrade and ends up with a shiny trike he dubs the Sonic Flash.  We also see a great art deco statue of the original Rocketeer.


In one part of the second episode, a plane Laurel and Harley (above) steal, looks remarkably like the Boeing P-26 (below). 

I’m doing the first part of the episode solo, and then production coordinator Esther Gonzalez Murray joins me for the second half to discuss more on the making of the show.  Unfortunately, there was a recording glitch during our interview where my mic was doing weird things, so in a lot of parts, I sounded like the teacher on Charlie Brown even after a lot of post production editing.  So, in the end, I cut most of those parts out so your ears don’t bleed.  But – you don’t really need my occasional comments (you can hear me talk in like almost 300 podcast episodes, after all), since Esther’s insights and memories stand well enough alone.  Thanks, Esther, for joining the show to offer your insights.  Look forward to taking with you on future episodes!  Learn more about her on Twitter.

Before I forget, at a few points the music and outro sequence get discussed.  Here’s the outro – I could watch this sequence all day!  I’ve talked about the first person point of view of flying into the clouds on this show quite a bit (like the cloudscape meditation video we made episode 290)


Also, one of the things Esther mentioned on the episode is a real life Bulldog Cafe (like in Dave Stevens’ comic and the 1991 film)in LA.  See the Idle Hour Gallery for more info!  Next time I’m in LA, sometime after this pandemic, I know where we are going … !


Scott Gray on Twitter: "Ha-ha! I always thought Dave Stevens made this up!…  "

If it weren’t for hopeful films like The Rocketeer, there probably wouldn’t a Thirteenth Hour, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog.  In the pixelart patch below of Logan from The Thirteenth Hour flying off into the sunset, you might be able to spot some of those influences – the silver flying machine, the cloudscape, the sun setting on another day signifying a hope for a better tomorrow.  The patches come with a high quality mp3 download from Once Upon a Dream, the next Thirteenth Hour soundtrack LP.


In the meantime, you may be interested in a few select Rocketeer related episodes :

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