The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #275: Welcome Shawn and Colin from I Used to Like This One Discussing Short Circuit 2 (1988)

The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #275: Welcome Shawn and Colin from I Used to Like This One Discussing Short Circuit 2 (1988)

This week, I’m joined by Shawn and Colin from the podcast I Used to Like This One. I’ve mentioned their show a few times here before – around Halloween for an episode they had me on for (The Monster Squad)and their own rewatch of The Lost Boys.  Later this week, there’s a show I did with them for Willow. But first, Short Circuit. Well, to be precise, Short Circuit 2. (Shawn and Colin did their own episode on the first installment, so if you don’t recall the story, check that episode out).

Yes, Johnny 5 and Ben are back, this time in NYC.

Johnny 5 is enjoying life, liberty, and a whole city full of input.

Ben (Fisher Stevens), on the other hand, didn’t do so great after the last adventure.  He’s peddling miniature Johhny 5s on the street for $20 each.  Even in 1988, that seems like way to little!  If the neighbor hustling watches to his left looks familiar, he’s Michael McKean from This is Spinal Tap.

And, yes, like in the first movie, Fisher Stevens (below) is in brown face playing an Indian guy.  We get into it a whole lot on the episode, so I won’t go into all the issues here.  It’s made somewhat better by the fact he’s such a good actor, clearly put a lot of time into researching the role, and the writers actually made him a real character this time, with a story arc, a love interest, and underlying motivations (as opposed to simply comedy relief).

Short Circuit 2 (1988)

The cast.

Thanks to Shawn and Colin for coming on the show!  Look for the episode we did on Willow later this week on I Used to Like This One or wherever yu listen to your podcasts.  Check them out on Patreon to help support their work!




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