The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #221: A Conversation with Jeremy Lesniak from Whistlekick on Ong Bak

Episode #221: A Conversation with Jeremy Lesniak from Whistlekick on Ong Bak

This week’s episode was done in collaboration with Jeremy Lesniak, the founder and host of whistlekick, a martial arts supply company and a biweekly martial podcast.  Today, we’re talking about the 2003 Thai film, Ong Bak.


I remember being really excited when this film was just coming out, since my friends and I were heavily into martial arts, bboying, and gymnastics (basically, what would later be called tricking).  Here was a film right up our alley.  Given this was an era a few years prior to Youtube, someone scrounged up a trailer with a compilation of stunts from the film, and passed it around, and we watching it over and over.  Although you can watch the full clip on IGTV, I’ve isolated a few clips from a chase scene in the film below:



I found a few training sequences on Youtube showing Tony Jaa and the stuntmen practicing the street chase scene – incredible!

In case you missed the last time Jeremy and I did a movie episode, check out episode 210, where we were talking about the 1978 Shaw Brothers classic, The 36 Chambers of Shaolin.  As a way of tying these two episodes together, here’s an old clip of bboys Crumbs and Remind (Style Elements Crew) in what I used to call “Shaoling with Style,” graciously found and uploaded by a kind soul:

Is there a movie you’d like to see discussed here!  Let us know!




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