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In an effort to tell more people about the updated third edition of The Thirteenth Hour, I’ve been experimenting with different marketing tactics (very different from my previous strategy of putting it on the internets and then hoping for the best – shocker!  That doesn’t work very well, I’ve found).

One experiment I’m trying is via a “crowdspeaking” site called Thunderclap.  Basically you set up a profile, decide what you want to say, and decide when you want the message to go out.  It’s free.  The catch is that unless you drum up the required minimum social support, no message goes out.  So if 100 folks pledge their support by 1/13/16 (the date I set – the official launch date), a social media message goes out on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr letting people know about this new edition of the book.  If there are only 99 suporters, no message goes out.  This is my first time doing this, but if you’re looking to twin gun a message shotgun style, it may be worth a look.

So how to do become a supporter?  Click here:

When you choose to support a campaign, Thunderclap will post a message on your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr page to let people know about the release – Facebook is probably the easiest and most sustainable but you can use whichever one you want.  If you don’t like computers posting things on your social media platforms automatically, you easily can revoke Thunderclap’s permission after.

Every vote actually does make a difference.  Clicking on the link above and supporting the cause should take less than 30 seconds. Thanks in advance for your support!!

thunderclap 13th hr picture_edited-1


The 3rd edition of The Thirteenth Hour will be officially launched on 1/13/16, on its one year anniversary.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!



Now on Tumblr

This site now has a companion Tumblr site at

One of the great things about Tumblr is that it provides an easy medium to share pictures.  There are a number of pictures from The Thirteenth Hour there with captions from the text as well as other fantasy art pics.

Here’s the latest one:

Logan fighting sea serpent updatedWM

An excerpt and picture from “The Thirteenth Hour.”  Done in pencil.

“…Suddenly, without warning, there was a gigantic eruption from the sea.  Water sprayed all over the deck, drenching us.  I ducked beside the cabin.  When I looked up, I almost lost control of my bladder.  I was looking into a gigantic eye.  Then I saw another one.  The head of a gigantic beast slowly rose from the water.  It had greenish–grey skin covered with what looked like linear, keloid–like scars.  Water slid off the smooth surface and slowly dripped back down to the ocean as the beast uncoiled, rising above the masts of the ship.  Its head reminded me of a snake, with dark, primeval eyes that seemed to convey the only thought filtering through a primitive nervous system – attack …”




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