The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #334: 2021 Year in Review and A Look at 2022

The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #334: 2021 Year in Review and A Look at 2022

Welcome to 2022!

In this episode, I’m reflecting back on the last year and planning for next.  2021 was a good year for the show (despite being a difficult year globally).  I’m going to focus more this year on planning out episodes (including the more intentional scheduling of guests) to make it all a bit more systematic and organized than it has been in the past (which, up up until ow, was basically just an extension of whatever I was doing creatively at the time).

I’d also like to engage my listener base more, so if you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or requests for the show, please let me know!  I’m going to try an experiment for a few months, making the last show of the month (1/31/22 in this month’s case to have a Q and A segment).  More to come in the coming weeks.  Listeners can also leave messages via voice on the main website (found on on the audio –> Thirteenth Hour podcast section):

The Thirteenth Hour Podcast

A few updates on a few creative projects I’ve been wrapping up:

These were some resin bookmarks I made with my kids – their first introduction to resin art and mica powder:


A few pictures on the Lego Rocketeer figures I’ve been slowing working on.  The packs are almost done; just wrapping up some details on the painting.


The figures will probably look something like this (an early draft):


Speaking of painting, the Kenner style Thirteenth Hour figures are almost done.  Some heads of Aurora and Logan:


What Aurora will probably look like when done (she is in her outfit from the part of the book where she fights a dragon):


I also added little magnets to Logan’s boots to allow him to easily connect to Lightning, his hoverboard (which will be his accessory).


Wishing you the best as you begin a new year!


Protect yourself and others with the Thirteenth Hour mask combo package on Etsy.  This fall, it became really hard to find good quality masks for our kids as they were going back to school.  There are still long wait times for some of the companies we like best, so I thought, why not try to find an alternative?  I eventually settled on the triple layer masks available for printing on by the company Flashbay.  They were one of the few companies I found that were transparent about their third party safety data (Junior:, Adult:, which is nice.  I was impressed by how well these masks performed on the filtration tests, even after repeat washings.  Also, I really liked how both the ears and nose piece could be adjusted for a good fit.


The Thirteenth Hour mask combo also comes with Thirteenth Hour hand sanitizer! (But of course.)
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