The Thirteenth Hour Podcast

Podcast Eps 1-15

In the process of proofreading the novel, I read it out loud and recorded it.  It differs from the final version of the book given that it was an earlier draft, but you can partake in the process of its creation (click here for a streaming sample).

Episodes all all around 60 minutes in length, give or take.  Here are all the links to download them separately.  Or, check out the individual posts to stream there.

Alternatively, just go to itunes and download all the episodes there!


Podcast Eps. 16 onward!

About a year after doing the original 15 episodes, I restarted the podcast in more traditional form to talk more conversationally about things related to The Thirteenth Hour books: e.g. literature. films, music, art, and games that influenced them as well as random topics like martial arts, gymnastics, archery, etc that are in some way related.

All are around 20-30 minutes in length and are released weekly, generally on Mondays.

Like the first 15 episodes, they can be found in the “Posts” section of this website with accompanying show notes or free on itunes!