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Podcast Eps 1-15 (2014)

In the process of proofreading The Thirteenth Hour, I read it out loud and recorded it.  Though it differs from the final version given that it was an earlier draft, episodes 1-15 are essentially the book in serialized, audiobook form. Episodes are around 60 minutes in length.

Podcast Eps. 16 onward! (2015-present)

About a year after doing the original 15 episodes, I restarted the podcast in a more traditional form with the intention of talking conversationally about things related to The Thirteenth Hour books: e.g. literature, films, music, art, games, martial arts, gymnastics, and archery – all things that influence my creative process. Since then, the show has evolved into an not only way to showcase works in progress and 80s retro topics but one that has provided a way to connect with likeminded souls.