The Thirteenth Hour Soundtrack

The Thirteenth Hour is a fairy tale fantasy tale largely inspired by the 80s – John Hughes teen movies, sci-fi and fantasy films, and the new wave and big hair music of the time.

And so it came to pass that it required a soundtrack of its own to pay homage to its lineage.


You can listen and download some of the soundtrack for free on Bandcamp.  Podcast episodes #66 and 67 also contain the album, split in two ~24 min segments.  As of 11/13/16, the album itself is on Bandcamp for digital download, CD, and yes, even old school cassette tape.
Digitally stream or download the album
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Musical and movie influences to the soundtrack are discussed on the dedicated Thirteenth Hour Soundtrack page on Instagram.
More details about the music written and composed for the novel is below.  You can find more details on the Bandcamp page and on individual posts when certain tracks were introduced on the weekly podcast.

“Searching For Forever” – an original song attempting to capture the spirit of an 80s movie theme.

Chords and lyrics in the link above.  Accompanied by the illustration below, which you can see being created on youtube or Instagram.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint and Photoshop Elements

-“I’ll Fly Away” – an original song from the novel turned into a music video.


I’ll Fly Away tabs are available if you want to sing the song or play along on the guitar or piano.

The video uses a combination of still images from the book, video, and pixelated sprites, like the trailer.   Here are some of the images of the character sprites:

aurora guitar sing_07

logan sing_08

This post here gives some preview information, and this one here is for the official release.

They were drawn pixel by pixel in a game creation program called Multimedia Fusion 2, which has the ability to create images with a transparency effect so these images can be superimposed (Adams Sandler goat reference!) onto other video.

And yes, that’s Aurora (left) playing the electric guitar and Logan (right) on the keyboard.  I know it doesn’t make any sense.  The book was inspired by the 80s, after all.

Dreams Go Far tabs

An acoustic guitar version of this song is available on The Thirteenth Hour podcast.  You can find it in itunes or in this post.

Song of an Unsung Hero tabs

The Thirteenth Hour theme (short version)

The Thirteenth Hour theme (full version)