Episode #16: How It Began


After about a year, I’ve decided to resume the podcast that I originally set up to read an earlier draft of The Thirteenth Hour.  In regular 15-20 minute episodes, I’m going to be talking about the creation of the book as well as some topics that are also featured on this blog that relate, in some way, to the book (archery, martial arts, backflips, etc).  Sometimes the episodes will refer back to previous posts, as they do in this first one.  I’ll include relevant links in these posts when that happens.  Here are the posts referred to in this episode – technically episode #16, though really the first one of this format.

How the book began

How I envisioned it as a futuristic book with flexible screens

How the main characters were created

I think it will be a nice venue for other things as well, like playing ot performing music and songs written for the book and its cousins.

I have changed the podcast cover image to reflect the book’s new look:

new cover square 1400x1400 dropcard podcast

FYI, you can download episodes 1-15 on itunes (they’re essentially a reading of the book, though the text differs slightly from the one ultimately published).  If all goes well, you should be able to get the rest of these episodes on itunes as well, though there will always be separate posts about each episode here.


thunderclap 13th hr picture_edited-1



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