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One of the great things about Tumblr is that it provides an easy medium to share pictures.  There are a number of pictures from The Thirteenth Hour there with captions from the text as well as other fantasy art pics.

Here’s the latest one:

Logan fighting sea serpent updatedWM

An excerpt and picture from “The Thirteenth Hour.”  Done in pencil.

“…Suddenly, without warning, there was a gigantic eruption from the sea.  Water sprayed all over the deck, drenching us.  I ducked beside the cabin.  When I looked up, I almost lost control of my bladder.  I was looking into a gigantic eye.  Then I saw another one.  The head of a gigantic beast slowly rose from the water.  It had greenish–grey skin covered with what looked like linear, keloid–like scars.  Water slid off the smooth surface and slowly dripped back down to the ocean as the beast uncoiled, rising above the masts of the ship.  Its head reminded me of a snake, with dark, primeval eyes that seemed to convey the only thought filtering through a primitive nervous system – attack …”




-Book Trailer:

-Free itunes podcast of the book:

-Read free excerpts at and the book’s amazon site.

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